About Us

Some history

Charleston BridgeLow Country Laundry & Dry Cleaners was established in the summer months of 2001 when friends Courtney Friedman, Matt Norman and TJ O’Sullivan decided the city of Charleston needed a superior pick-up & delivery service tailored to and for college students. The service started with a “free trial”, which entailed a personalized bag that was picked up from a student’s dorm room or place of residence, separated by lights and darks, washed ,dried and folded, wrapped neatly in plastic and returned to their doorstep or dorm room, every week for an entire semester.

The business immediately took off and proved a winning recipe, and soon everyone wanted professional pickup and delivery dry-cleaning service, not just college kids. The business expanded into residential/office, commercial, hotels and major motion pictures that landed here in the low country, such as The Notebook and Cold Mountain.

O’Sullivan left the business in 2002 to attend law school in Columbia at USC, and Norman left in 2003 returning to his alma mater Chapel Hill for dentist school. Courtney Friedman refocused the future and vision of the business and in 2004 opened a full scale dry-cleaning and laundry plant and a drop store on Kiawah Island.

Hospitality & Convenience

In 2008 Friedman sold the two stores on Johns Island and Kiawah but kept the delivery route and hotel customers and again refocused the business on what he calls “hospitality calls”. Because Charleston had experienced exponential growth in tourism over the past decade,  the business was expanded to better serve hotels and every single guest that came to visit the city.

This concept grew quickly. Low Country Laundry went from servicing 13 properties to servicing 46 properties in a span of 8 months. In 2011 Friedman opened a downtown store on the corner of Rutledge and Bull St. replacing what was once the Prescription Center.

Still Growing

In 2014 Friedman opened another store in South Windermere Shopping Center in West Ashley. Today Friedman focuses on the direction and mangement of the company while remaining very hands on. He still drives the delivery van some days, and does every possible job that needs attention.

Low Country Laundry Staff

The Low Country Laundry team provides superior service. 

The Low Country Laundry team is close like a family and that type of communication and bond translates into superior service for the customer.

In 2015, adding to full service downtown and West Ashley locations, Low Country Laundry & Dry Cleaners introduced a new drop off/pick up site at Mixson in North Charleston. Always open, the site adds accessibility as it features the LaundryMatic Locker system. This new convenient concept is self-managing for secure dry cleaning and laundry service.