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For Property Managers

Bringing the Low Country LaundryMatic Locker system to your property adds service and convenience for your tenants and employees, so they can get back to the them important things.

The Low Country LaundryMatic Locker system is self-managing, secure, requires no electricity and installs easily. It’s like offering a private dry cleaning and laundry service for your tenants that is operable 24/7. The custom lockers fit into any open space available in buildings where people already gather, such as the gym, lobby, mailroom or elevator foyer.

  • No overhead cost
  • No customer service management
  • No construction costs
  • No maintenance costs
  • Maximization of open space
  • Easy installation

Please email us at or call (843) 303-2221 to inquire about having a locker added to your property.

How it works:

Place your garments in any locker that is available. Press the “C” button, then any 4 digit code that you like, and finally the lock button. Your items are secure in one of our lockers until we dispatch a van to pick them up for processing.
Text your order to 843-303-2221 with locker number and location, call in your order, or fill out the form on this page to start your LaundryMatic Locker order.
When your laundry is ready, you’ll be notified via TEXT and EMAIL. Your email and text will contain the locker number and code (last 4 digits of your telephone number) so you know which locker contains your clothes.
Press the “C” button, enter the 4 digit code (last 4 digits of your phone number) into the locker and open!

Now you can enjoy 24/7 laundry and dry cleaning service at your doorstep!

See our LaundryMatic Locker Locations.

Request Service in Your Building

Don’t have the convenience of 24/7 LaundryMatic Locker in your building? Enter your email below and we’ll contact you about the easy steps to bring this 21st century time-saving concept to your residence.

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